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Interior or Exterior Detail

When your car doesn’t require a full detail service, you can choose between our Exterior Detail or Interior Detail services to meet your particular needs. You still receive our top quality service for the areas that need it most.

Exterior Detailing

Restore your vehicle's original glossy finish and shine with our quality services and products! Your Exterior Detail will include:

  • Hand wash vehicle, dried with a spot-free spray shine
  • Claybar paint to remove tar and contaminants
  • Polish paint to remove oxidation and fine scratches
  • Paint sealant for protection and shine
  • Rims and tires cleaned and dressed

Interior Detailing

Your vehicle’s interior cleaning will pass the white glove test! Your Interior Detail will include:

  • Vacuum floors and seats
  • Shampoo carpets and upholstery
  • Cleaning of dash, door panels, center console, and instrument panel
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned to moisturize and protect
  • Interior surfaces dressed to protect from UV rays



Exterior $199
Interior $229

Small SUV/Crossovers

Exterior $229
Interior $259

Large SUV/Minivan

Exterior $259
Interior $289

Add-On Services

The following services are only available with the purchase of a regular detailing service.

Engine Cleaning: $49
Fabric Protectant: $59 & up
Odor Removal/Ozone Treatment: $49
Pet Hair removal: $59 & up
Hand Wash w/ Spray Sealant: $99

We offer a number of detailing options and conveniently come to your home to detail your car. We specialize in luxury brand vehicles, exotics, classics, and daily drivers alike.
When I say PHENOMENAL job, that's an understatement! They came when I was at work, and did an excellent job!— Brian T.
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