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Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating provides superior protection to your vehicle compared to traditional waxes and sealants. Coatings create a hard, semi-permanent top layer over the vehicle's paint, providing outstanding environmental protection.


Benefits of a Ceramic Coating includes:

  • Coatings are longer lasting (2+ years with proper maintenance)
  • Provide exceptional hydrophobic properties
  • Repel dirt and contaminates, meaning your vehicle stays cleaner
  • Durability (can resist some light marring and scratching)


Pricing includes exterior wash, chemical/mechanical decontamination, single-step polish, cleaning of wheels and tires, and coating application to all painted surfaces.

Coupe/Sedan: $599
Small SUV/Crossovers: $649
Large SUV/Minivan: $699

We offer a number of detailing options and conveniently come to your home to detail your car. We specialize in luxury brand vehicles, exotics, classics, and daily drivers alike.
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